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[24], a global leader in intent-driven customer experience solutions. We recently incorporated .ai in our name to reflect the deep investment made in artificial intelligence over the last decade. AI is a game-changer, and combining that with HI, we have enabled our clients to turn big data into actionable intent, which can then be applied to every aspect of customer experience, from acquisition to engagement. As a result, we are redefining the way companies interact with their customers to deliver superior experiences, greater brand loyalty and increased revenue opportunity.
Headquartered in San Jose, our presence spans across 5 continents and 10 countries. Armed with a strong intellectual property portfolio of 120+ patents, we partner with the world's largest and most iconic brands across 12 industries.
As we continue to grow, our people remain our strongest assets. [24]'s culture is built on five core values: Respect, Transparency,Ownership, Team Work and Results. These values are a hallmark of a true [24]7'ite. We have well defined career growth paths, supported by tailored professional development and skill enhancement trainings. We are focused on helping our employees meet their career aspirations. 80% of our leaders at all levels have risen from within the ranks of [24] We encourage all [24]7'ites to balance work and passion. The concepts are no longer compartmentalized or separated. Pursuing passions allows everyone to bring more creativity and resilience at work which in turn, has a positive effect on our well-being. We
strongly believe that if we take care of our people, they will take care of the business.
Discover your potential and passion with [24] and unleash your limits that are truly -
'Beyond the Known'!

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