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We at Karvy

One fateful evening in the summer of 1982, 5 young men who worked for a renowned chartered accountancy firm decided that it was time they struck out on their own to create an enterprise that would someday become an iconic name in the financial services space.

They came from ordinary middle class backgrounds. They had two assets; one was their education and the other an unquenchable desire to succeed. They had a lot stacked against them: the environment was not conducive to entrepreneurship; technology was not fully supportive, financial markets were largely unregulated, they were based out of Hyderabad while most key players in the financial world were in Mumbai or other metros and the wolf was at the door. The odds seemed insurmountable.

These remarkable young men's "Never say die" approach held them in good stead over the years. They stuck to their dreams, burnt the midnight oil, embraced technology and made it work for them and through sheer dint of determination, eventually overcame all obstacles.

First came the registry business, followed by broking, and the rest became a lesson for every young individual to emulate.

Life at Karvy

Some non-cash benefits

Health Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
24 hour onsite cafe
On site Gym
Health Benefits extended to parents/parents-in-law
Reward and Recognition
Birthday Celebration
Higher Education & Certification Reimbursement
In-house Medical Facility
Employee Friendly Policies
Internal Career Mobility
Recreation & Sports Events
Insurance for Parents & Term Insurance for Employees
Marriage & Childbirth gifts

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Meet some of our valued employees

Mahesh Vijayagopal

Managing Director, Karvy Data Management Services Limited

Deepak Gupta

Group Head HR, Karvy Stock Broking

Rajiv Ranjan Singh

CEO, Karvy Stock Broking

Abhijit Bhave

CEO, Karvy Private Wealth

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