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We at Trafigura

Global trade is a positive force in the world. It promotes prosperity in resource-rich, emerging nations. It underpins
production and consumption in advanced economies. It can bring nations closer together.

Trafigura is advancing trade. We're one of the the world's largest independent commodity trading houses in the world trading millions of tonnes of energy products, metals and minerals every year. Day-in, day-out, we focus on phyiscal trade and what we can do to make it work better.

Our focus is on physical trade. We aim to optimise supply chains so that we can transfer commodities from producers to end-users reliably, efficiently and responsibly. It is a complex process and we depend on highly skilled teams. We trust them to make the right decisions and we back them with global resources.

It is exacting, challenging work and we are looking for the best in the business. We offer exciting opportunities for progression
and development in the international arena. Ability and commitment are well rewarded. Every Trafigura employee has a part to play in shaping
our work ethic and developing our strategy. For the right person, there is the chance to make a real difference as part of a global organisation. We know our
employees are the reason for our ongoing success. We are committed to treating all employees fairly and with dignity.

We believe in: advancing our employees' growth and development, fostering diversity of staff and ideas, keeping open and active channels of communication, promoting a healthy work environment, providing competitive compensation and being the employer of choice.

Diversity at Trafigura

Trafigura views workforce diversity as an ongoing mission, which allows us to continue to hire the "best and brightest".

We believe in a collaborative management style. Input is solicited from employees as we make decisions that set the course. Being able to draw on the different experiences and viewpoints of our employees enables us to take a wide look at issues and come up with solutions that each of us individually may not have been able to. Our goal is to create a workplace in which every person and every group fits, feels accepted, has value, and contributes to the organization.

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